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Sun Grant Program

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Advanced Manufacturing of Lignin-based 3D printed Wearable Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Personal Health Monitoring


2021 USDA-NIFA Integrated Award


Principal Investigators and affiliations:

PI:  Dr. Yi Zheng, Kansas State University

Co-PI:  Dr. Dong Lin, Kansas State University

              Dr. Wenzhuo Wu, Purdue University

Funded: $342,200

Start Date: 2/01/2021

End Date: 1/31/2024


Project Goal

To explore an innovative approach to upgrade lignin into value-added lignin nanoparticle (LNP)-aerogel triboelectric nanogenerators (LATENGs) for high-end biomedical applications to boost the economic feasibility of lignocellulosic biofuels.



  1. To prepare and characterize LNP isolated from different feedstocks using different methods.
  2. To customize advanced 3D printing technology to fabricate LNP-aerogel.
  3. To construct LATENGs using LNP-aerogel and characterize the sensing and energy conversion performances of LATENGs.


Expected Project Outcomes

This project will develop an advanced 3D printing technology for fabricating LNP-aerogels to make quality LATENGs for high-end biomedical applications, which can be demonstrated as a high value co-product to enhance cost-efficient biofuels.

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