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Sun Grant Program

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Expansion of GLADIS for Modeling Next Generation Bioproduct and Bioenergy Market Logistics-Phase II

2018 USDA-NIFA Center Award


Principal Investigators and affiliations:

PI: Dr. Rodney Holcomb, Oklahoma State University
Industrial Partner: Dr. Bill Carter, OK Small Business Development Center

Funded: $84,749

Start Date: 10/01/2018

End Date: 5/31/2019


The long-term goal is to develop a SaaS system that integrates existing databases into a relational management system and utilizes available agricultural models to produce a holistic software package for risk assessment, techno-economic analysis, optimization, and stochastic prediction.

(1) To create a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform using the Geospatial Logistics and Agricultural Decision Integration System (GLADIS), a system developed at OSU, which can generate economic decision information based on user inputs and database information.

(2) To apply the knowledge gained from this study to analyze complex economic systems for end-user decision making in bio-energy and bio-products industries.

Expected Outcomes
The primary expected outcome is a holistic software for switchgrass bio-energy logistics modeling. We expect our proposed software will help stakeholders estimate costs and profits, identify potential risks, and better understand how to optimize their specific supply chain system. The modeling software will be published online and be available to other researchers for evaluation. This new software could facilitate the development of a switchgrass bio-refinery, pellet plant, or other bioproduct facility.

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