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Heat and Drought Effects on the Oil Formation of Southern Great Plains Winter Canola

2016 USDA-NIFA Integrated Award


Principal Investigators and affiliations:
PI: Mr. Michael Stamm (Kansas State University )
Co-PI: Dr. Sangamesh Angadi (New Mexico State University)
Co-PI: Dr. Krishna Jagadish (Kansas State University)

Funded: $149,999

Start Date: 9/01/2016

End Date: 8/31/2018


The long-term goals of this project are to enhance national energy security through the development of a bio-based canola economy, promote sustainable production of wheat and canola through crop rotation, and coordinate efficiency of bio energy research and development by establishing canola oil as a potential new energy source.



  1. Quantify drought and heat stress impacts on the formation and quality of oil in canola seeds.
  2. Identify cultivars that produce greater oil content and oil yield under challenging weather conditions.
  3. Endorse best production practices under limited irrigation and dryland conditions that enhance oil formation.
  4. Managing limited irrigation resources to benefit canola yield, oil content, and oil yield.

Expected Outcomes

  1. The advancement of a bio-based canola economy for the USA. Although the biodiesel industry is lacking in the SGP, a crush market for producers is available within a relatively close shipping distance. ADM is crushing regionally grown canola at locations in KS and TX. Demand for canola oil remains high despite declining commodity prices.

  2. The development of heat and drought resistant canola cultivars that produces great oil content and oil yield. Crop production will continue to be challenged by climate change. In order to meet the demands for food and fuel, canola must produce more oil per acre under warmer and drier conditions. A deliverable will be a screening tool to identify commercial or experimental cultivars that maintain greater oil content under stress.

  3. Sustainable canola acreage growth as a rotation crop with wheat. Documented benefits to a wheat-canola rotation exist. Improved understanding and implementation of best management practices such as harvest management and limited irrigation production will lead to greater comfortability by the producer.
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