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Developing a Cost-Effective Technology for Conditioning Biomass-Generated Syngas with In-Situ Bed of Biochar-Based Catalysts

2013 DOT-RITA Center Award


PI: Dr. Ajay Kumar (Oklahoma State University, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering)
Co-PI: Dr. Robert Scott Frazier (Oklahoma State University)
Co-PI: Dr. Krushna Patil (Oklahoma State University)

Funded: $149,381

Start Date: 01/01/2013

End Date: 12/31/2015


Expected Outcomes:

Kumar’s long-term goal is to break barriers of converting biomass resources into fuels, chemicals and power through gasification process so that a successful bio-based economy can be feasible. Through this project, he proposes to develop a novel patentable technology to produce syngas with low tar and high hydrogen to carbon monoxide ratio. His rationale is that in-situ syngas conditioning, if effective, can drastically reduce the technical and economical penalty associated with conditioning (upgrading) syngas for production of fungible fuels. To accomplish the goal, he has three specific objectives: (1) identify key factors for design and operation of the novel reactor, (2) determine effects of catalysts and operating conditions on syngas composition and yield, and (3) compare the cost and sustainability indices of the technology developed with the conventional technology.


This project will contribute to commercialization undertakings by developing a technology to produce biomass-generated syngas suitable for conversion into hydrocarbon fuels. Results obtained through this study will also be shared with any interested companies. In addition, analyses will also be added to a thermochemical conversion course taught by Dr. Kumar.

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