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Sun Grant Program

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Farmers' Willingness to Produce Cellulosic Biofuel Feedstocks Under Alternative Contractual, Pricing & Havesting Arrangements

2009 DOT-RITA Integrated Award


PI: Dr. Jason Bergtold (Kansas State University, Agricultural Economics)
Co-PI: Dr. Richard Nelson (Kansas State University)
Co-PI: Dr. Scott Staggenborg (Kansas State University)
Co-PI: Dr. Jeffery Williams (Kansas State University)
Co-PI: Dr. Francis Epplin (Oklahoma State University)
Co-PI: Dr. Michael Langemeier (Kansas State University)

Funded: $233,000

Start Date: 7/1/2009

End Date: 6/30/2013


Expected Outcomes

The expected outcomes of this project include:


  1. an understanding of the adoption process for biofuel feedstock enterprises, including socio-economic factors and barriers to adoption;

  2. an understanding of the complexities and impact of alternative contractual relationships between farmers and processors/bio-refineries that will be needed to ensure an adequate long-term supply of biomass feedstock; and

  3. the timing, location and extent of adoption on cellulosic biofuel feedstock supply. Through this gained knowledge, it is expected that strategies and outreach programs can be developed to promote adoption, assist farmers and processors/bio-refineries with market set-up (including contract, pricing and harvesting arrangements), and guide policymakers about incentive mechanisms to promote market development.


Project deliverables will include project summary reports, economic decision models for adoption and contract analysis, extension events, and publishable reports. Materials will be disseminated to farmers, industry and policymakers via direct contact, the worldwide web and through peer-reviewed publications.

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