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A Multifunctional Frequency-Response Permittivity Sensor for Biofuel Concentration Measurement and Impurity Detection

2007 DOT-RITA Seed Award

PI: Dr. Naqian Zhang (Kansas State University, Biological and Agricultural Engineering)
Co-PI: Dr. Wenqiao Yuan (Kansas State University)

Funded: $69,770

Start Date: 7/1/2007

End Date: 6/30/2010


Expected Outcomes

Objectives: 1) Develop a portable sensor for quick measurement of blend ratio and impurity concentrations for biodiesel, 2) Develop an embedded blend-ratio sensor to assist fuel-injection adjustment, and 3) Prove the accuracy, reliability, and durability of the sensors through a well-designed experiment.


Methodology: The sensor uses the “frequency response” concept to measure the dielectric and conductive behaviors of biodiesel blends and accurately estimate the blend ratio and impurity concentrations from the “frequency response” data. Preliminary tests on biodiesel-diesel and ethanol-gasoline blend ratio measurements have achieved accuracies of 0.88% and 0.70%, respectively.


Expected Outcomes: 1) A portable sensor for quick measurement of blend ratio and impurities concentrations for biodiesel, 2)an embedded sensor for use in diesel engines, 3) peer-reviewed publications.

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