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Sun Grant Program

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Evaluation of the Nutritional and Feeding Value of Ethanol By-Products for Animal Production

2007 DOT-RITA Integrated Award


PI: Dr. Travis Whitney (Texas A&M University, Agricultural Experiment Station)
Co-PIs: Dr. James Muir (Stephenville Agricultural Experiment Station, Stephenville); Dr. Barry Lambert (Tarleton State Univ., Animal Science); Dr. Chris Lupton (Texas A&M University Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Animal Science); Dr. Mike Salisbury (Angelo State University, Animal Sciences);Dr. Kirk Braden (Angelo State Univ., Animal Science)

Funded: $116,103

Start Date: 07/01/2007

End Date: 06/30/2010


Expected Outcomes

Objectives of this project are to determine how animal performance, metabolism, digestibility, and wool and carcass characteristics of growing lambs and kids are affected by replacing protein (cottonseed meal) and energy (milo) feeds with DDG. Trials 1 and 2 (Period 1; Spring and Summer, 2008) will evaluate use of DDG on lamb and kid performance and wool and carcass characteristics. Trials 3 and 4 (Period 2; Fall, 2008) will evaluate the use of DDG on feed digestibility and nutrient metabolism in small ruminants.


Results from these trials will assist nutritionists in establishing a level of DDG that can be safely and efficiently fed to lambs and goats in growing rations. This knowledge should greatly increase the use of DDG since this study will quantifying positive and negative affects associated with feeding DDG, which are high in phosphorus, sulfur, and fat. If DDG can effectively replace a portion of a protein or energy feed source, then it will become a more viable feed alternative when formulating feed rations. We believe that DDG will enhance animal performance in this study, which will increase utilization and value of this by-product.

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