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Sun Grant Program

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The resulting document from the stakeholder meetings is the roadmap, which guides the South Central Center and regional Land Grant Universities’ work in developing biobased products, creating energy self-sufficiency, preserving the environment and investing in rural economies. The roadmap also identifies the assets and challenges faced by the region. Stakeholders recognize the South Central region’s many strengths in becoming a leader in the biobased economy of the future.


Among the assets identified include:


  • Abundance of land, infrastructure and human capital,
  • Excellent biomass production capacity, some of which is underutilized,
  • Opportunity for production of many types of biomass,
  • Feedstock sources from co-/by-products from animal production and processing,
  • Outstanding industrial sector to commercialize products and
  • Rural communities desire to diversify the economy while preserving the agricultural base.

In addition to the aforementioned community assets, the South Central Region’s member universities also possess a tradition of collaboration within the region, across the U.S. and around the world partnering with other educational institutions, government agencies, and agriculture/ business/industry. This multi-disciplinary approach to and expertise in biofuels research is paramount to the Region’s success.


View the South Central Sun Grant Program Regional Roadmap Report (PDF)

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