USDA-NIFA Grants Center Project to Develop a Novel Two-Stage Reactor for Syngas Fermentation


AtiyehDr. Hasan Atiyeh, Associate Professor of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at Oklahoma State University (OSU), Stillwater, OK, received a USDA-NIFA Center Award through the South Central Sun Grant Program to conduct a study on “A two-stage reactor and cell recycle system for enhanced alcohol production from syngas”. Dr. Atiyeh collaborates with Dr. Ralph Tanner from the University of Oklahoma and Dr. Leon Popik of LeMar Industries.

Atiyeh’s team will develop a stable and efficient two-stage syngas fermentation producing at least 40 g/L ethanol with a residence time of 40 hours or less. The team also aims to identify the operating parameters for the two-stage reactor that results in the highest ethanol titer and productivity.

This project will contribute to the development of viable conversion processes for sustainable production of fuels and chemicals at commercial scale.