USDA-NIFA Awards Grant to Support GBTL Technology for Liquid Hydrocarbon Production


Dr. Ajay Kumar, Associate Professor of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at Oklahoma State University (OSU), Stillwater, OK, received a USDA-NIFA Center Award through the South Central Sun Grant Program to conduct a study on “Hydrocarbon Fuels, Chemicals and Intermediates from a Novel Biomass Pyrolysis Technology”. Dr. Kumar collaborates with two other OSU professors, Drs. Allen Apblett (Chemistry) and Francis Epplin (Agricultural Economics).

Kumar’s team will conduct this study to demonstrate proof-of-concept of a novel natural Gas and Biomass to Liquids (GBTL) technology that will synergistically use biomass (e.g. switchgrass and eastern red cedar) and methane to produce liquid hydrocarbons.

This project will directly contribute to the creation of compatible hydrocarbons from biomass in the production of renewable fuels and chemicals while supplementing the demands for petroleum fuels and chemicals.