USDA Supports Sun Grant Program for the Next 5 Years


The 2014 Farm Bill provided the authorization to US Department of Agriculture (USDA) in establishing the Sun Grant Program (SGP) through a competitive grant process. The existing five Centers formed a consortium to compete for the opportunity of continuing as the SGP.  The consortium was awarded the 5-year, approximately $2.3 million per year program.  Continuing the existing Centers’ practice, 75% of the grant funds received will be used to provide competitive grants within each region. These grants will be multi-institutional and integrated, multistate research, extension, and education programs on technology development and technology implementation and address bioenergy, biomass, or bioproducts research priorities.  Of the remaining funds, 21% will be used to develop bioenergy research leadership and programs at each Center. The South Central Center, Oklahoma State University, anticipates the next regional RFA will be released fall 2015.