Pearson, Calvin


Project Title:  Developing Low-Input, High-Biomass, Perennial Cropping Systems to Support a Bioenergy Economy on Marginal Land at Higher Elevations

Principal Investigators and affiliations:
PI: Dr. Calvin Pearson (Colorado State University, Western Colorado Research Center)
Associate PI: Morgan Williams (Flux Farm Foundation, Research and Development)

Funded: $74,861

Start Date: 7/1/2011                     End Date: 6/30/2014

Expected Outcomes:

1) Establishing plots at all three locations
2) Harvesting, soil sampling, and biomass sampling each year
3) Obtaining and analyzing C and N data for each year
4) Obtaining and analyzing economic data each year
5) Performing a variety of outreach activities
6) Converting biomass into biofuels at the Butanol Pilot Plant at Colorado Mountain College at Rifle once it is operational.

Project Synopsis